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What Makes Us Different

At Integrative Geriatrics, we deeply value our relationships with patients, families, and facility partners. We maintain limits on the number of patients accepted into our practice so that we can provide the best service to those we care for. We perform urgent visits on the same day of an illness or event whenever possible, and make every effort to provide evaluation and management on site for those patients who desire to avoid hospitalization. We work with patients and families to create advanced care plans that accurately reflect the specific feelings and wishes of the individual, and to revise those plans as needed along the way.

Our primary care services are provided both onsite and via telehealth and include:


This is the first encounter in which the primary nurse practitioner establishes care with the patient. Background information including available medical records, facility chart notes, and current orders will be reviewed. The nurse practitioner also converses with facility staff and the patient’s authorized family representative about any questions or concerns. Any acute medical problems will be addressed, and if time warrants and it is clinically appropriate, the patient’s chronic medical conditions will also be evaluated.

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