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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take my insurance?

Integrative Geriatrics will bill Medicare, Medicaid, and any other supplemental insurance providers. We are currently are in the UCare, Medica, and HealthPartners insurance networks.

Which hospital can my loved one go to?

We do not provide medical care while our patients are in the hospital. Just as we specialize in providing care in the long term care setting, hospitals employ hospitalists who specialize in delivering care in the acute care setting. We will, however, coordinate with the hospital team in order to ensure smooth transitions of care.

What is hospice/criteria for hospice?

Hospice offers supportive end of life services to patients who have a life expectancy of six months or less. Criteria for hospice is specific to each patient and individual disease processes. If you choose hospice care, your nurse practitioner will help determine when a referral is appropriate.

Do you work with a doctor?

Integrative Geriatrics is a nurse practitioner owned and operated practice. While we enjoy actively collaborating with other providers involved in our patients' care, we do not specifically contract with or employ a physician in our practice.

What is a POLST?

A POLST form is a legal document for people with an advanced progressive or terminal illnesses and specifies the type of care a person would like in an emergency medical situation. Your nurse practitioner will assist you in filling out a POLST for you or your family member in order to ensure your wishes are understood.

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