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Benefits of a Geriatric Consultation

If you are feeling confused about your medications, medical conditions, or what to expect next on your healthcare journey, a geriatric consultation may be of great benefit.


While seniors frequently have complex medical needs, the standard appointment length in a clinic setting is a brief 15-30 minutes. Elderly patients and their families often feel rushed, and sometimes leave appointments with more questions than when they arrived. Integrative Geriatrics Nurse Practitioners bring the consultation services to you, in your home, to assess your unique situation. We spend the time that is needed to understand the complete picture and provide appropriate recommendations.


Integrative Geriatrics' consulting services augment the care you receive from your primary care provider by thoroughly examining your situation through the lens of a geriatric specialist. During consultation, we review available medical records, screen for high-risk medications and potential safety concerns, and spend time talking with you and your family about your medical history and ongoing medical conditions. When the consultation is complete, we leave you with recommendations to consider, and send a summary of the visit to your primary care provider. The goal of our consultation is to optimize your well-being by improving your understanding of ongoing medical conditions and what you might anticipate for the future.

Please call us at 763-317-1122 if you are interested in scheduling a geriatric consultation!

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